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Stephanie Tasso

After receiving a B.A. in English from BYU, my interest in holistic healing led me to massage therapy at Provo College. Over the past three years as a massage therapist, I have seen the blessings and benefits of therapeutic touch for both myself and my clients. I specialize in Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Sports Massage, and am grateful to play a role in the healing process!


My great joy is my family, including 6 children--5 sons and a daughter. I love to be with them, particularly in nature. Together we enjoy these beautiful mountains and canyons--hiking, climbing, canyoneering, skiing. I am drawn to the healing energy in nature, where God's Creation is an expression of transcendent love for His children. The beauty of a singing bird, the uniqueness of a single leaf, the babble of a gurgling brook-- these are sensory messages declaring the wonder and sanctity of this gift that is life. I am learning to "be still" and feel this wonder all around me. The human experience is a collaborative, cooperative journey: the pains and joys we encounter have meaning as we alternately give--whatever gifts we possess--and are open to receiving, in turn. As a massage therapist, I offer a humble gift towards healing, and simultaneously receive a variety of gifts from my friends we call clients: perspective, compassion, time. Thank you for allowing me a small place in your journey!

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